The DNA of TS Agro 

The DNA of the company has always been to develop in cooperation with key contract research organizations. This provides customizations specific for each CRO and thereby meet customer needs. The first 2 sprayers were constructed in year 1995 and are still operating in Denmark and Finland. 

Today’s generations are well established across Denmark, Finland, Lithuania and Sweden at authorized contractor companies and Official Research institutes which are officially recognized by the competent authorities to carry out field registration trials in accordance with the principles of Good Experimental Practice(GEP). 

Multiple plot drilling machines have been designed and produced and the overall key measurement have been to duplicate best farmer practice and to make plot drilling by small, bagged seed, incorporating belted and cell cones systems.

High degree of technical knowledge about construction and design, combined with technical understanding and involvement by relevant competencies when it comes to engine, oil engines, electric- and computer systems and spray operations. This is what defines TS Agro.

25 years of field trial experience across Europe is a part of our DNA – from variety testing to pesticides, from mechanical weed control to fertilizer testing, assessments and harvesting. Combining the technical aspects of construction with field trial experience and with a clear input linked to working- and operations safety are what expresses the products by TS Agro. 

TS-Agro’s main mission: 

From protocol planning to field execution and assessment including data management and reporting.

To develop and produce specialized experimental machines with a focus on the work environment and a clear integration of current and future technology – including a key understanding of experimental testing and the requirements specification for the area of expertise.

Sustainability by TS Agro means to provide innovation and improved working environment for the future, to provide safety to workers, and to provide product solutions that are fully recyclable and solutions with respect and inclusion of our customers. At TS Agro, we are striving for the best and to provide industry excellencies in our development and product solutions.