Speedy Multi

The Speedy family has been extended to include Speedy Multi: A tool carrier with multiple purposes, primarily built for field testing. Uses can include plot sprayer, mechanical weed control by row cleaner, weed harrowing, fertilizer application, drilling of backed seed of multiple crops via Flexiseeder system and drilling of standard plots from a traditional seeder.

Safety for Operators

Whatever field testing operation is needed, the carrier will operate with a high focus on operator safety as well as pesticide contamination.

The field trial officers are not contaminated as he or she are mounted on the sprayer in front of the spray boom and therefore not walking next to or behind the spray boom. Filling and in general operations with pesticides include high-safety and simple operations. A compressed Air system is included which means no operations including high air pressure involve trial staff.

Efficiency and Ease of Use

Traditionally, field operations often include 2 or more trial officers, but with Speedy Multi they can be operated by a single field officer. The officer is mounted on the tool carrier which includes GPS steering and speed control calibrated to the field conditions.

The carrier width in transport on the trailer is 190 cm. The tool carrier has a standard ground clearance of 120 cm which can be extended to 180 cm and makes the carrier operational in flowering oil seed rape for fungus- and insect applications as well as a plot separator and maize. Specific row cleaners and weed harrows are constructed based on customer needs and plot widths up to 300 cm.

Spray system

The highly sophisticated spray system from Speedy 2500 can be mounted on the carrier. This makes the Multi a full body sprayer and superfluous other field operations.

The sprayer includes an automatic spray program controlling up to 8 treatments per loading in 4 replicated trials: automatic water filling systems, rinsing of pre-measured pesticide bottles, and total cleaning and washing of syringes and nozzle – the entire spray system require no officer handling.

It is easy to handle without any heavy lifting and the spray boom operates to guard the officer and provides field test spray in wind speeds up to 7 m/s – compressed air is produced by the sprayer. 

Technical Details

✔ Automatic GPS steering and speed control designed to operate at 4-12 km/h.

✔ High operating range as being pulled by a standard car.

✔ Protected spray boom allows spraying of 8 treatments per loading in 4 replicates.

✔ Motorized, self-propelled field-testing machine.

✔ Compressed air is produced by the sprayer itself.

✔ Provides field test spray in up to 7 m/s of wind speed.

✔ Parameters linked to the spray operations are stored, e.g. water flow, speed, operation pressure.

✔ Duplicate farmer practice.

How the product vary from other related products on the market

  • The carrier is designed to include as many field-testing operations as possible including mechanical weed control, sprayer operations of traditional pesticides and biopesticides including liquid fertilizers, mechanical weed control, plot drilling, traditional seeding and backed seeding of multiple crops.
  • Plot spacing between plots either by herbicides or mechanical
  • Separation of oil seed rape before harvest
  • All operations included in Speedy Multi are based on customer needs and tasks to solve and include a high level of safety for trial staff.