Speedy 2500 is a sprayer, built primarily for field testing of traditional pesticides, bio-pesticides, and liquid fertilizers. It ensures high safety for field operators and is simple and easy to operate.

Safety for Operators

The field trial officer is free from contamination as he or she is mounted on the sprayer in front of the spray boom rather than walking next to or behind the spray boom.

Filling and general handling of the pesticides is made highly safe and simple and no heavy lifting is required.

No operation including high air pressure involves trial staff, as the compressed air system is included in the sprayer.

Efficiency and Ease of Use

GPS steering and speed control calibrated to each field condition.

Automatic spray program controlling up to 8 treatments per loading in 4 replicated trials.

Automatic water filling systems, rinsing of pre-measured pesticide bottles and total cleaning and washing of syringes and nozzle.

Technical Details

✔ Automatic GPS steering and speed control designed to operate at 4-12 km/h.

✔ High operating range as being pulled by a standard car.

✔ Protected spray boom allows spraying of 8 treatments in 4 replicates.

✔ Motorized, self-propelled sprayer.

✔ Compressed air is produced by the sprayer itself.

✔ Provides field test spray in up to 7 m/s of wind speed.

✔ Parameters linked to the spray operations are stored, e.g. water flow, speed, operation-pressure.

Designed following GEP principles

The Speedy 2500 Alu sprayer is designed together with official field testing units, all authorized contractor companies, and official research institutes officially recognized by the competent authorities to carry out field registration trials according to the principles of Good Experimental Practice (GEP).

Update from the workshop

Photos from the workshop where Speedy 2500 in aluminum is currently being constructed for a client.

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