Speedy 2500

The Speedy 2500 

The Speedy family is constructed with multiple main focus area’s including operator safety and to reduce the operator exposure to pesticide contamination; efficiency – traditionally field spray operations has included 2 trial officer, Speedy are operated by 1 field officer only. The officer are mounted on the sprayer which have included GPS steering and speed control calibrated to each field conditions – automatic spray program controlling up to 8 treatment per loading in 4 replicated trials, automatic water filling systems, rinsing of pre measured pesticides bottles and total cleaning and washing of syringes and nozzle – the entire spray system without any officer handling. It is easy to handle without any heavy lifting and the spray boom operates protected to guard the officer and provides field test spray in wind speed up to 7 m/s. Compressed air are produced by the sprayer.

The sprayer is designed together with official field-testing units, all authorized contractor companies and Official Research institutes which are officially recognized by the competent authorities to carry out field registration trials in accordance with the principles of Good Experimental Practice (GEP).

The main purpose of the product 

The main use of the product is field testing of traditional pesticides and bio pesticides including liquid fertilizers.

What makes the product unique?

  • Focus on operator exposure and operating safety
  • Easy to operate and high operating range as being pulled by standard car
  • Compressed Air are produced by the sprayer it self
  • All parameters linked to the spray operations are stored, e.g. water flow, speed, operations pressure
  • Duplicate farmer practice
  • Automatic speed control, filling of spray containers, spraying of 8 treatments in 4 replicates and cleaning system

How does the product vary from other related products on the market?

  • Field trial officers are not contaminated as he or she are mounted on the sprayer in front of the spray boom and are not walking next to or behind the spray boom
  • Filling and in general operations with pesticides includes high safety and simple operations
  • Compressed Air system are included which means no operations including high air pressure involves trial staff
  • Automatic speed control, filling of spray containers, spraying of 8 treatments in 4 replicates and cleaning system

Technical applications 

Which technical applications contribute to the usability of the product?

  • Motorized, self-propelled sprayer 
  • GPS steering and speed control designed to operate at 4-12 km/h
  • Protected spray boom per each treatment container which allows up to 8 treatments per loading and operations at up to 7 m/s of wind speed
  • Operator exposure and safety including high technical feasibility and a clear linked between executions of field testing and sprayer